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New website!

After the server of my hoster had a catastrophic hardware failure and they have not yet recovered my files, here comes a shiny new website! Read More ›

DIY · Food

Sous Vide Cooking: The hard way 2

... and the whole thing worked for about 2 minutes. Then everything went up in smoke and a very bad smell filled the room. Read More ›

DIY · Food

Sous Vide Cooking: The hard way 1

I've always been curious about sous vide cooking. I've never had anything that was cooked that way and I cannot see myself going to a restaurant that serves something that has been cooked sous vide in the near future. So why not try it oneself. Read More ›


Apple Mango Sauce

As every year, we ended up getting around 20 kg of apples from various places. This year these apples end up in apple butter, normal apple sauce, and apple mango sauce. Read More ›


New Dimension of Taste: Smoking Food at Home

A few days ago, I came across the Zwilling smoker set and immediately knew, this is (besides a Sous Vide cooking equipment - blog post will follow soon on that topic) the thing that is still missing in my decadent kitchen. Read More ›