New website!

After the server of my hoster had a catastrophic hardware failure and they have not yet recovered my files, here comes a shiny new website!

As you might have realised, this blog/website has been down for some while (I’m sure you realised this, this page has many and loyal readers ;-) ). This was due to some catastrophic hardware failure on my hosters side (this is what you get from a cheep hoster).

Of course, yours truly did not create backups of the old wordpress page (initially the hoster claimed to provide them but after some years decided to let their customers do them) and everything was lost. I’ve been promised that all data will be restored through a special recovery procedure on the hosters side, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Therefore I recreated the whole page using Jekyll that Jochen was so much raving about. I was fed up with wordpress and thought to give it a try. And I have to say, I really like it! Initially I was skeptical that statically generating pages is the new and hot shit, but I see its merits (also its downsides…).

I was able to recover most of the content and most of the images, but some have been lost forever. I’m particularly grateful to the Internet Archive’s wayback machine, which luckily enough indexed my page. With some archeology I was able to restore almost everything!

Please welcome the new website built with Jekyll and the Feeling Responsive theme!

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